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Making the world a nicer place

Click to give books

Click on their advertisements and 100% of their income goes to buying and delivering books to children in need.

How does the site work?
When you click on the “Click Here to Give – it’s FREE” button, your click is counted by our servers and you move to the Thank You page, where you will see small ads for our site sponsors. There is no charge to you; children’s books are fully paid for by these sponsors.

100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners.

Every click on the “Click Here to Give – it’s FREE” button results in funding raised for First Book and Room to Read. The more people who click, the more books are provided.

Or click on their FAQ if you are a skeptic like me. Or read about its parent company at Wikipedia. Sure, some fat executive is probably making tons of money from this, but maybe some less privileged kid is being helped in some way. It can’t be worse than the NKF scandal, and even then a lot of good came out of it. The money to pay the said fat executive is not even coming from those who click. So go ahead and click once a day.

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Transformers cosplay

This goes beyond the posing in self-made cloth costumes that you usually find in cosplay. These robot costumes are transformable! The Optimus Prime costume (generation 1 design) actually transforms from a robot into a little prime mover, and the costume moves with the wearer in robot mode!

This appeals to me a lot more than the new Optimus Prime design in the upcoming Transformers live action movie.

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Wonderful stuff

The Internet is full of wonderful things. I will start a series on the sites that have the most of these wonderful, awe-inspiring, droolicious things that you can find on the Net. I'll try to keep it short, everything else will go under interesting for now.

Boing Boing calls itself a directory of wonderful things, and they are updated many times a day on topics that include cool tech toys, online society, geeky stuff, how simple things make the real world a better place, and stuff you wouldn't believe is true. is a directory full of tips on how to improve your life with computers. They have the latest online services, tweaks and how to DIY your own improvements with electonic devices. They also have a tag called life hacks that help you outside your PC. is a daily blog that also has a ton of tips on how to improve your life, computers not always needed. There's an active community site with their own tips for self-improvement.

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