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Memories of our adjustment into our nest


Living in our own house is fun! We have a lot more freedom and space to do what we want, but of course we have to do own housework and buy own groceries. Friends sniggered when we told them it is fun to be buying groceries. Fun, they said, you will get tired of it and it becomes a chore. Yeah, I know, but it is fun now.

The weather is very cool and rainy weather these few days, good for cleaning up the house because I get tired easily in hot weather. Some days the weather is so comfortable that I wish I can sleep the whole day away! I can actually enjoy the cleaning up when the weather is cool, but clothes take days to dry.

The many holidays we have this season is good for us. It is easier to cope with the chores and with unpacking our boxes of stuff since we have more days off. We need to get settled down before the work pace really picks up, and the last of our holidays will soon be over.

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Having moved into my own apartment over 2 weeks ago, I had been strongly encouraged to move my belongings out of my old room and into my new apartment. I had always thought that I could move them out slowly when I went home to visit my family, but they had other thoughts.

I went home tonight to pick up the mini-oven and whatever else the 2 of us could carry. I was not quite prepared to find all my remaining stuff already packed and waiting for me. I can understand the cold logic behind this: the dead has to make way for the living. Just as the living will dig up burial grounds and exhume the buried corpses to make room for the living to build their houses and workplaces, those who have their own apartment should move out and make room for those who are still living there. I can understand the logic, and their eagerness to take over my room, but still it hurts. I was not quite prepared for their eagerness.

WS was the main beneficiary, so I was not at all shy about letting him help to carry the many bags and boxes down to his car and bringing them over. I did help out, but I left the heaviest to him. He shook our hands and wished us a merry Christmas when everything reached our new apartment. I kept quiet. I wanted to say something like, “Shouldn’t you be saying thanks instead of merry Christmas?” But it was probably better that I kept my mouth shut. No point making things any worse.

Am I taking things too hard? Possibly. I had unselfishly given priority to my family where I had to make a choice. It just did not occur to me that priority would be given to someone else. It just was not something I would consider when I make my decisions. This is family after all. It is always difficult for a wife to get along with her mother-in-law, and I should not make it any harder by saying anymore than I already have.

My Little Miss Sunshine and I went out to buy some supplies after that, and on the way back to our home, I said, this is the only home I have now. That felt very real. I could really feel the “leaving and cleaving” right then. Against my will, but perhaps this is very necessary.

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Xiao Long Bao

LL brought us to a little Chinese restaurant just a few minutes away from our new home. According to him, the xiao long bao served there is fantastic, though he would not recommend trying the other dishes. The wife is excited to hear that there is good xiaolongbao near our place.

I’m not an expert on food, so I cannot really comment, but I thought it was not bad. $3.60 for a set of 6 pieces is a reasonable price to pay, and it is in the neighbourhood. We might come back again.

There are still lots of places serving cheap and good food near our home, just that we have not yet discovered them. Slowly exploring and discovering such gems will be an enjoyable activity for us.


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