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Transformers cosplay

This goes beyond the posing in self-made cloth costumes that you usually find in cosplay. These robot costumes are transformable! The Optimus Prime costume (generation 1 design) actually transforms from a robot into a little prime mover, and the costume moves with the wearer in robot mode!

This appeals to me a lot more than the new Optimus Prime design in the upcoming Transformers live action movie.

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What is your Myers-Brugss type? This is a very well known personality test to help people understand their own natural inclination. Take the test at

Unsurprisingly, I’m an INTJ and at least I know that I’m doing the right job suitable for my type.

E=2 Extraversion
I=9 Introversion
S=10 Sensing
N=10 iNtuition
T=18 Thinking
F=1 Feeling
J=19 Judging
P= Perceiving
You are an INTJ

INTJ – Scientists, engineers, professors, teachers, medical doctors, dentists, corporate strategists, organization founders, business administrators, managers, military, lawyers, judges, computer programmers, system analysts, computer specialists, psychologists, photographers, research department managers, researchers, university instructors, chess players. They have a particular skill at grasping difficult, complex concepts and building strategies.

Full details of this type after the break, taken from here.

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Green boards once again

In the days when I was a uniform wearing student, the boards were green and teachers wrote with white and coloured chalk. After serving my NS, I entered university and the tutors were using white boards and water-based markers.

Apparently the school teachers have also switched to white boards since that time. Now, the school teachers are switching back to green boards. But they will be using some solvent to write, not something as low-tech as chalk. I suppose it will be easier for the students who are rostered to clean the classroom.

The words on the board also seem to be written by chalk, but it is actually a liquid solvent.

The green board is an innovation from Korea; two schools in Singapore have been trying it out since the beginning of the year.

Each set up costs S$350.

Gerald Koh, Green Board Importer, said, “(It is) green because it is scientifically proven that green is the best contrast for the human eye…like night vision goggles are in green.”

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Help for the dateless men

A man who has picked up the skills of wooing women the hard way is now imparting his skills to other men for a fee.

It is all down to guts and skill, according to ‘SD’, lead instructor,, who has been running dating bootcamps for men in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

SD believes that guts can be developed and skills can be learned to woo potential partners or at least increase the chances of meeting the right one.

“Some men, out of ten women can attract maybe seven, some attract two or zero. We have developed a system to increase this number, learning concepts how to attract a lady, certain stories to provoke certain emotions within a lady.”

Read the full story on Channelnewsasia.

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Adorable cat

Aren’t dogs supposed to chase and harass cats? This cat is so adorable that dogs want to get friendly with it.

via XenJapan

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Japanese anime singer in concert

Japanese takes entertainment seriously, don’t they? The concert lighting, opportunities for singers to sing for local productions, rabid fans. Even the singers look really good. Via

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Generating electricity from candles

It’s not the boil-water-to-turn-steam-turbine thing I was expecting and is easy enough for primary school children to do.

Now I know how to power my laptop when there is a blackout. I will need a lot of this stuff though…

Candle Power – Who Needs Batteries? – video powered by Metacafe

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