Gemmell on demonoid!

I’m amazed to find a torrent for what seems like the entire David Gemmell collection. Yes, is amazing. Long live demonoid.

I’ll be perfectly happy supporting those who create legendary intellectual property, such as this guy who is regarded by some as the best fantasy writer, or Rumiko Takahashi, who created the Maison Ikkoku series I’m still drooling over. But most of the earlier books by Gemmell are not in circulation locally. And it is always useful to keep a softcopy even after I get a hardcopy.

And now back to finishing Fall Of Kings from Sunny Bookstore.

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One response to “Gemmell on demonoid!

  1. delaorden

    You’d be much more surprised with Demonoid if you go further. I am a subscriber for years now and I can assure they have 99,9% of everything .
    nice blog !

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