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If at first you don’t succeed…

try, try again?

Just a thought: the difference between persistence and stubbornness is whether you get it done in the end. If you succeed eventually, your persistence paid off. If you don’t, you might be just another stubborn fool.

I was taught one trick to guarantee a win when playing games of 50% chance in casinos. Always double your bet after losing, so that your win will cover your previous losses. If you have bet $10 previously, and lost, bet $20 in the next round. If you then win $20, it will more than cover your initial $10 loss. The trick is to be sure you have enough money to keep increasing your bet, which rapidly increases to $5120 by the 10th try.

If you keep losing after 10 tries, should you continue (and hopefully have your persistence pay off) or should you give up and not be a victim of your own stubbornness?

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Settling down in shit management

4 months into my new job as a QA manager, I think I am finally settling down and looking at life beyond the current shithole. For a start, I find myself tempted to start up a new blog (again). As usual, I will commit to regular updates, even if it is one post a week. I will even spin short stories on it and build up experience with writing fiction, on the long path to literary stardom. As usual big plans are made which (will) fizzle out when the demands of real life catch up with the desire to make dreams come true.

From experience, I start writing when I’m bored with my work. More importantly, when I can spare the brain cells to dream. Isn’t it a waste of life not to dream? Oh yes it is, isn’t it? Isn’t it pathetic to give so much of yourself to your job that you lose the ability to dream? I’m not so sure what the right answer would be when people I know are fearing for their job. At least mine is quite secure for the next 3 years.

Perhaps it will finally be a good time to write. If I don’t get bogged down in my own pile of shit this time.

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