My new life in QA

life as a qa manager involves stopping my teammates before they screw up and shoot us all in the collective foot, among other fun and worthy tasks that my job scope encompass.

This aspect of the job was especially highlighted by my counterpart today who sits on the other side as the client. He told me, in not quite the words, that he wants me to keep tab on my boss and prevent him from screwing up, to make him fear me (not to make my nice teammates fear me) and keep him in control. It gives me a new perspective of my job when my user puts this expectation to me

Huh? I asked him, does he want me to commit career suicide? What is going to happen to me at year end appraisal, because this is the same boss who is going to grade me? He tried to allay my fears of risking my job security by explaining how i probably have no job security in the first place: according to him, my company did not have a qa role in its teams until the client pushed for it, and so i will not have a job when this project is over.

I have just realised that there is probably an exit ticket waiting for me at the bottom of this shit pile. Fortunately, i share the same perspective as my client, that i’m in this job for the experience, not for retirement. I’m trying not to think too much about the possibility of another, perhaps higher role, waiting for me in this company after i have cleared this pile of shit.

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