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Camera-less Nokia E51

My new job does not allow phones with cameras. Rather than to spend $68 on a simple 2g phone that i do not want to use, i extended my 2 year contract with m1 and got a nokia e51 for $98. It’s my first 3g phone, so m1 had to give me a 3g sim card before i could send out sms. There is no touchscreen. It’s a simple phone, not really a smart phone but at least i don’t need to give up bluetooth, mp3. And this is a 3g phone so i can potentially plug in my broadband sim card from my 3g modem and have internet access anywhere i go in singapore, though i have yet to try that. I can also connect to wireless@sg and surf for free without needing to change my sim card. It detects and connects a lot faster than my n311 pda. It takes an hour to charge the battery using the tiny charger bundled with the phone, and it lasts 3 days with moderate use, bluetooth on. Surfing on wifi can drain the batt very fast though.

I typed this entry on my phone using Notes, which came with it. What sucks was that I could copy from notes, but the browser that shipped with it does not allow pasting. So while I could type on the go, I couldn’t copy and paste directly when I’m at a wifi hotspot. I need to bluetooth it to my pda, or my home laptop with bluetooth, both receiving the note as a text file.


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