The heater is not working!

It is a sign of how used we are to modern conveniences such as the instant water heater, that we had so much fun boiling water for bathing on a cold day.

Sunshine was screaming in the shower last night when she came home from work late and found that the water heater has broken down. I placed an order for a new heater today, but the replacement will not come in until tomorrow, which means she has to put up with another night of cold water. She is not one for cold showers. So I boiled a kettle of hot water for her to bathe with, scooping from a pail with a plastic ladle, old school style. She was so delighted at having warm water to bathe with on a cold day, it was well worth my effort. I haven’t done that for years.

She can’t comprehend how I still shower directly (cold) from the tap even when the weather is cold and rainy. I guess it is something I got used to.


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