Pizza hut Starzbites cheese extreme

These days, when I eat out at eating places that I used to enjoy when I was younger, I find myself asking whether I have suddenly grown up a lot and found the food portions to shrink in relation to my new size, or did the food portions really get smaller as inflation hits everywhere?

The pizza was tasty, cheesy enough to satisfy Sunshine and me, especially after we have sprinkled generous amounts of the cheese powder on it. We always finish half a bottle of cheese between the 2 of us. But we could not help but wonder if the price of garlic has gone up such that we could barely taste the garlic in the garlic bread. And did the price of mushroom also go up, perhaps due to the olympic games, because we can hardly taste mushroom in the cream of mushroom soup. Thankfully, Miranda orange tastes the same year after year, from the time when I was really young and got to drink it only during the lunar new year, till now when I am a father of a half-year old son.

The garlic bread and soup mixed in our stomach and took up quite a bit of space. We were a bit bloated even before the pizza arrived and could have skipped these. The pizza came in 6 slices with 2 “heads” per slice. One pizza is enough to feed 2. We will probably come back again if they have another new pizza that has lots of cheese in it. But we should skip the soup and garlic bread next time.


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