EEE PC + broadband = video conference on the go

Wasn’t expecting to see the uncle sitting beside me on the bus whip out his white EEE PC, boot up XP and plug in his Starhub MaxMobile stick and start video conferencing with someone who may be his wife. Almost wanted to start fiddling with my own 701 model, but it’s not the same without my 3g modem. Oh, I haven’t blogged about how my Singnet Mobile Broadband modem failed on me last Monday? Samsung service centre sucks, but that is a story for another day.

I’m not sure if the uncle got the 900 or 901, but it looks really new. He haven’t even removed the plastic sheet protecting the screen during shipping… It would be nice to get the 901 to play with, and bluetooth will be useful, but what will I do then with my trusty 701? Leave it at home as a dedicated BT machine? You know, that is quite possible if I plug in a portable harddisk and mobile broadband modem, and at 22W, it still consumes much less electricity than the routers with built-in BT capability that some hardcore dlers are using. 901 probably uses more, I’m not sure how much more but 900 uses 36W if I remember correctly. Of course, I can’t bring my modem with me then if I leave it BTing at home.

I miss my BBoM…


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