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Diablo 3 is in the works!

The game I have been waiting for, for the past few years, is finally… in the works!

There are only 2 classes for now, the melee Barbarian and the summoner Witchdoctor (who resembles trolls from the Warcraft universe). The game is unlikely to be released before they have 5 classes, and they will still have to do endless fine-tuning and balancing of the classes so that there is no one super class who is very much easier to play than the others. I probably won’t get to play it before 2010, knowing how long Blizzard takes to release a game. But if the game play trailer is anything to go by, it should be worth the wait.

The 3D game engine looks to be much more immersive than the 2D engine of Diabo 2. Monsters swarming over the walls to get to you, pushing down the walls to bury mobs, falling bridges, it looks like it can really make me break out in a cold sweat if I play this in a dark room at night like I used to. The cinematic trailers are gorgeous as usual, and they really set the gothic mood of the game. But in truth, even though I have completed the game several times, using different characters, I watch the trailers only once. I know this is not going to help, but skip the trailers and get on with the game already!

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Some updates on Fathers’ Day

I realise I haven’t been blogging much for quite some time. I blame this primarily on my 5 month old son, who invokes in me a desire to do my fatherly duties, such as carry him around the house so he doesn’t scream his throat off from boredom and a need for attention. To this end, I have started chronicling his life, but it was abysmally incomplete. I think I will write that page about my dream for a gadget that will make all these a breeze, so I can obsessively, compulsively, blog all that happens to him. So that he will know what his early years are like.

Mum finished her knee replacement op this week. The op was on Monday and she was discharged on Saturday. She was happy to finally replace that failing joint with something, but we are not quite sure what it is. She did not ask the doc and I was too, er busy, to go google what people normally do in such ops. Do they saw the bone off or something? Maybe later.

We had our Fathers’ Day lunch at Man Fu Yuan at Hotel Incontinental, Bugis Junction. Sunshine’s 2nd sis was given 2 tables by her supplier. All of us were quite surprised by this of course, but the food was fantastic. Especially the soup with duck, pork, fish, prawn, which TJ and I finished 3 bowls each.

I got a nice towel during the 10AM service. Nice change from the usual book. I hoot a 19 inch Samsung LCD monitor (finally!) which was a little small, but better than the 7 inch screen that came on my EEE PC. During the ‘market survey’ which my colleagues and I did on Friday lunch time at Funan, we found that 22 inch monitors are of a suitable size that we can watch comfortably on the desk or if wall-mounted, from the bed a couple of metres apart. But I did not want it mounted on the wall and real estate on the desk is scarce at my parents’ place… so 19 inch was much safer. Oh well, I still dream of the day when I can have a nice personal study room with a big desk and shelves of books.

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