Waterproofing a Baby-G

You know G-Shock? Those armour-plated wrist watches by the Japanese company Casio? I love those metal watches. They have the aura of invincibility. They survived my NS training, living on my wrist 24/7 and I thought they would be immune to any abuse I put them through. Just what guys need.

Well I thought my Baby-G has drained off its battery a few weeks ago, which would be surprising in itself since my previous G-Shock’s battery lasted almost 10 years. I’m wearing a Baby-G instead of a G-Shock because I’m so skinny and I thought the only difference is that Baby-Gs have smaller faces. I didn’t expect Baby-Gs to be any less durable than their legendary siblings. Apparently I was mistaken. There was some water seepage that will cause the watch to go blank until I open it up, take out its battery and put it back in. This solves the problem until the next time it gets wet, and so is not acceptable.

Fortunately, Casio’s workshop is able to restore the waterproofing seal for just $5 and 15 minutes. That’s not something the garden variety watch retail stores are able to do. Here’s the address and operating hours in case you also need to get your watch fixed by the professionals.

Block 211 Henderson Industrial Park


Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM (with staff on rotation during lunch hours so it is still manned)

That’s the building at Bukit Merah Central, opposite the office block that used to house HDB and is now known as Surbana.

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