Shit Happens

Normally, shit should happen everyday if you are healthy and eating properly. It should happen in a way that inconveniences you as little as possible. You know that it is really a very shitty situation if you have to come very close to it.

There are some bad things that can happen to a person who is shitting in the toilet. He can realise that the paper has run out, or the power can fail and leave him groping in darkness. Or he can drop his keys into the toilet bowl. Now which is worse?

In all my 30+ years, I have never dropped anything into the bowl. I must be getting old. After all, there are more chances for shit to happen to you when you have lived longer. Every additional day that you live is a new day for new shit to happen to you. There are some kinds of shit that you wish you will never live to see.

Shit is going to happen several times a day when the baby is born, and I’m going to have to deal with it when it happens. Just take this as a preview. Just do it. Disassociate and just deal with it. At least there are taps with running water all around, as much soap as I can use and none of the more kay-po colleagues visited the gents while I was washing the bunch of keys. Shit happens. One should be grateful for small blessings.


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