It has ended

Finally, the biggest segment of my project has been finished and the rest is just mopping up. I can now leave in peace.

I have gone for a few interviews and somehow just did not fit what they were looking for, until now. Until I have finished my task here. I had also apparently been looking in the wrong places. All of a sudden I have 2 jobs to choose from, not roles I would have dared to apply for, but the recruitment agency sent in my profile and the interviewers thought I was a good fit. They might open up better prospects in the long run, which is really the whole point of leaving.

God’s timing is just right. I begin to understand now how I had picked up new skills as my role changed in this company, as I spent more and more time playing the role of a project manager. And now I will have a chance to play this role full time, and force myself to learn new skills. Soft skills instead of technical skills this time.

It is no fun being the last person to abandon ship, having to keep it afloat until my last day. I still have an obligation to my colleagues who have been pulled in to replace us, to tie up as much as I can and not leave too many broken pieces for them to pick up. They will have their hands full just understanding what my team had struggled with the past 2.5 years, even as I had struggled to understand the long history of the suite of systems.

The new place may not be eutopian, but at least when I’m freed of all the baggage of the legacy systems, I may get to grow in new directions. And that should be the main reason for my leaving. Let me remember that.


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