More TransformersLive bashing

There is a very good analysis on youtube explaining why the live movie is as crappy as it is. Don’t miss it if you are wondering how closely the live action movie follows the original Generation 1 TV series.

But don’t just take his word for it. Watch this compilation of the trailers and clips for yourself.

For me, it further confirms my suspicion that this movie is nothing like the beloved Generation 1 series that I grew up watching. Yes, the action is good but all the robots have changed. Scorpionok is so tiny all of a sudden! It is true, you can remove Optimus Prime and rename this as “Super Morphing Outer Space Fighting Robots” and nobody will know the difference. It is just not right. Spiderman, Superman, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings are rare in how closely they followed the original. At least the themes and main characters are still there. The others are just… artistic license taken to extremes. Such extremes that the brand name is totally diluted. And yet this is so Hollywood.

This is one movie I’m boycotting.


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