Clicking game

I don’t believe this.

Someone has set up a server to accept clicks, and rank countries according to how many clicks they have submitted. This sparked off a war of clicks in which online communities in a few countries are organising themselves to submit more clicks than their competitors, thereby pushing themselves up the list. What? National pride in cyberspace?

SgSpartans, inspired by the movie 300, appeals for the tiny nation to be mobilised to hold the figurative hot gates and defend the nation’s standing on the list against the hordes from other countries. Only that we use technology (javscript) to do what brawn cannot. Do you find these phrases familiar?

their mouse-clicks can blot out the sun” [so we will click in the shade??]

“And you my CLICKER…what is your occupation?

>>guy with no life.

And YOU? (other clickers)” [a javascript programmer]

“Tonight we click in hell, for tomorrow we dine in click heaven..”

At least this is living proof of national pride.

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