Diving off Papua New Guinea

2nd day of CNY:

A relative from the in-laws side chatted with us about the large fish tank he has installed in the HDB apartment and went on to share with us about his fish farm and how he runs a diving company in Papua New Guinea for tourists.

PNG us not a place that many people would be familiar with but he has hopes that tourism and the natural resources of the place will bring in money to help the people there. We hear stories of cannibals, tribal people who wear clothing only on Sundays when they go to church, 5-feet tall birds that are probably already extinct because nobody has seen any in years. It was like discovering the Lost World where time stood still and you might expect dinosaurs around the corner. There are also organic tomatoes, wrecks from the second world war that you can see on diving trips, and where you are more likely to die of malnutrition than heart attack.

It was fascinating. An eye-opener into another side of Asia that is often overlooked. A peroson’s passion can sometimes be heard when he tells you about the object of his passion. It is a very different lifestyle.


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