Do you drive?

First day of CNY:
When leaving a relative’s home, I was asked “Do you drive?” What should I answer? I have a driving license, but not a car. I can drive, but you need to supply me with the car. A truthful answer but not very impressive. Given that the person asking this question is a rich relative with an even richer boyfriend, I felt that the most factual answer may not be the most acceptable.

“I drive, but not today.” I think she might have missed the implications because she went on to tell us how her even richer boyfriend has just burst a tyre in his porsche and had to take her car today, so she travelled around with her parents in their car. She might have thought that I was not able to drive my own car today because it was not available, for some reason. Evasive answer?

Somehow, appearances are very important for the Chinese, especially on CNY. Especially when the relative in question is on the in-laws side and I have to put up some show of strength.

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