No this is not about keeping Jesus as a pet, but about who will take care of your beloved pets if you are raptured away. These people who do not want to be raptured will stay behind to take care of your beloved pets to make sure they will not die of hunger. They even have the relevant Bible verses in their FAQ to show you believers that you had better believe what was foretold in the Bible, not that they themselves believe it. You might not necessarily agree with their interpretation of those verses though.

My initial thought was that this is a scam, someone trying to make money out of something that he does not believe in, that he is sure will never come to pass and so he need not ever do this work that he was paid for. This is about as scammy as Christians who do not believe in Santa Claus but will sell you Santa Claus costumes at Christmas time (are there any such people around?) But if this is a willing-buyer-willing-seller thing, who is stop the stupid willing buyer from giving them money?

via Boing Boing.


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  1. This is almost as good as the scam where you give people money and service while you are alive, and they reward you after you die, aka religion. I wish I could hire employees on that basis. Sigh. Jesus wept.
    JMO –Doug

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