Fried Ice Cream at Tiong Bahru Market

Heard of fried ice cream? How can something as cold as ice cream be fried and not melt? I had thought that it is a local dish found only in Tiong Bahru Market and some other place that I have forgotten, but wikipedia says that it originated from Mexico. Nevertheless, you can try the Singapore version if you happen to drop by.

The ice cream comes in 2 flavours, pre-packed and stored in the freezer. We chose mint and cookies and cream. The ball of ice cream rolled in the batter (flour?) and dropped into hot oil. The batter turned into the crispy golden bread while the ice cream remains cold and did not seem to have melted. Wonderful blend of hot crisp and cold ice cream!

We took some photos of this creative and unique dish.

To find the stall, come up by the staircase on the red side (The second floor of the market has coloured lights on the ceilings to differentiate the 3 sides) and the Malay stall should be right in front of you. It cost $3 for a bowl like this and we had to wait for the oil to heat up, but this fun and novel snack was worth it.

update on 6th mar 2007:

I found their chicken satay to be disappointing… normal, while Sunshine ranked it as less than acceptable. And why was the satay red instead of yellow? It was $0.50 per stick, more expensive than the market rate of $0.40 per stick. That would have been fine if it was much tastier than average, but this is not so. We will be going back to the other satay stall at the market.


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