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Students who refuse to learn

Poor teachers… surely puking blood cuts short the lifespan?

Take a look at the rubbish that some students write. You can drag a horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink. You can make students sit through class and do their homework but some students just go through motion (not very well also) and refuse to try and write the composition properly. Simply no interest in learning the language.



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Campaign for real beauty?

The cynic in me will find it easier to believe the advertisements if they were sponsored by a non-profit organisation, rather than a commercial company such as Dove.

A company with shareholders exist primarily to make money (a selfish motive) and is it fair to those shareholders if the company throws money away without expecting some boost to its profits in the end? I’m sure it won’t hurt its parent company Unilever if the feel-good element wins them more customers.

To be practical, non-profits will not be able to afford such a campaign. I can live with some hypocrisy if it achieves some good. At the very least the campaign raises awareness of this issue.

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Green boards once again

In the days when I was a uniform wearing student, the boards were green and teachers wrote with white and coloured chalk. After serving my NS, I entered university and the tutors were using white boards and water-based markers.

Apparently the school teachers have also switched to white boards since that time. Now, the school teachers are switching back to green boards. But they will be using some solvent to write, not something as low-tech as chalk. I suppose it will be easier for the students who are rostered to clean the classroom.

The words on the board also seem to be written by chalk, but it is actually a liquid solvent.

The green board is an innovation from Korea; two schools in Singapore have been trying it out since the beginning of the year.

Each set up costs S$350.

Gerald Koh, Green Board Importer, said, “(It is) green because it is scientifically proven that green is the best contrast for the human eye…like night vision goggles are in green.”

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8 quests completed in 3 hours

3rd day of CNY:

Took a break from the visitations and other obligations of the CNY period and stayed at home WOWing with the wife. We completed 7 or 8 quests in less than 3 hours, a feat unheard of, at least to us. 2 of them were at the last stage and consisted of running around handing them in, but others had tons of monster killing and looting to do. Not much in terms of gold but lots of experience. All in all it was a very prosperous CNY for us.

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Diving off Papua New Guinea

2nd day of CNY:

A relative from the in-laws side chatted with us about the large fish tank he has installed in the HDB apartment and went on to share with us about his fish farm and how he runs a diving company in Papua New Guinea for tourists.

PNG us not a place that many people would be familiar with but he has hopes that tourism and the natural resources of the place will bring in money to help the people there. We hear stories of cannibals, tribal people who wear clothing only on Sundays when they go to church, 5-feet tall birds that are probably already extinct because nobody has seen any in years. It was like discovering the Lost World where time stood still and you might expect dinosaurs around the corner. There are also organic tomatoes, wrecks from the second world war that you can see on diving trips, and where you are more likely to die of malnutrition than heart attack.

It was fascinating. An eye-opener into another side of Asia that is often overlooked. A peroson’s passion can sometimes be heard when he tells you about the object of his passion. It is a very different lifestyle.

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Do you drive?

First day of CNY:
When leaving a relative’s home, I was asked “Do you drive?” What should I answer? I have a driving license, but not a car. I can drive, but you need to supply me with the car. A truthful answer but not very impressive. Given that the person asking this question is a rich relative with an even richer boyfriend, I felt that the most factual answer may not be the most acceptable.

“I drive, but not today.” I think she might have missed the implications because she went on to tell us how her even richer boyfriend has just burst a tyre in his porsche and had to take her car today, so she travelled around with her parents in their car. She might have thought that I was not able to drive my own car today because it was not available, for some reason. Evasive answer?

Somehow, appearances are very important for the Chinese, especially on CNY. Especially when the relative in question is on the in-laws side and I have to put up some show of strength.

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Help for the dateless men

A man who has picked up the skills of wooing women the hard way is now imparting his skills to other men for a fee.

It is all down to guts and skill, according to ‘SD’, lead instructor,, who has been running dating bootcamps for men in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

SD believes that guts can be developed and skills can be learned to woo potential partners or at least increase the chances of meeting the right one.

“Some men, out of ten women can attract maybe seven, some attract two or zero. We have developed a system to increase this number, learning concepts how to attract a lady, certain stories to provoke certain emotions within a lady.”

Read the full story on Channelnewsasia.

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