In anticipation of Transformers live action movie

You know, sometimes it is better to try and fail than to not have tried at all. At least if you fall short of the target, you might still have achieved something worthwhile. However there are some other things that are so sacred that you should not touch it if you cannot get it to work.

The Lord Of The Rings was one very successful movie adaptation of a well-loved story. The essence of it was captured, the story was followed faithfully without relying too much on the artistic license to modify the original. There were towering giants and hobbits are really halfling-sized. You get the feeling that everything is authentic and that the producer is not trying to improve too much on the original. Peter Jackson must have been an otaku to have gotten all the details right. There is a danger when you take a fantasy story and try to make it too realistic.

Take a look at the promotional trailer for the Transformers live action movie:

After watching the trailer and seeing what Optimus Prime will look like, I’m not sure I will enjoy this “more realistic” version of the movie. Prime looks more Gundam than Transformers! And the villain Megatron will be hardly recognisable!

Is this really an improvement over the original?

I am willing to bet good money that the 1986 animated movie would be much more enjoyable than what this Hollywood product will be. The animated movie went for a different kind of realism. I remember how the transformation of the various characters from robot mode to vehicle mode and back took longer and had more detail than the cheapskate TV cartoons I watched in the early 1980s when I was a kid. It was realistic in that it closely followed how the toy would transform, and how better to please a kid?

But this Hollywood adaptation must a movie catered for adults because it follows the rules of physics. According to the fan blog that keeps track of the latest news, robots will not change their mass when they transform, so Megatron will not transform into a pistol, Optimus Prime will be a different model of truck because the original model is just not big enough.

But you know, not all adults grow up. Not those fanboys who are paying a few hundred dollars for a vintage TF toy, or those who collect comics. And let’s not forget that otaku will be paying for the collector’s edition of the DVD while casual viewers will be more willing to buy the pirated version. Hollywood has much to learn from the otaku. Maybe they should have let the Japanese do this live version since the animated version turned out wonderfully. But let’s not talk about the Japanese versions of the TV serials (Masterforce and others that have been adapted to their culture).

The only consolation is that Optimus Prime will sound the same because they are getting the original voice actor. I am not sure if I have the heart to watch this live version. Some things are just too sacred and should be left undefiled.


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