Office workers

It was drizzling again when I left office. At the traffic light just beside my office block, a girl was busy blocking the the rain and brushing water out of her hair. I offered to share my umbrella with her but she sheepishly refused.

She was really chio, pretty, with her hair coloured brown and dressed in very nice office wear. But that was not the reason why I offered her my umbrella! I would likely have offered even if it was a smelly old man. It was just one of those things that gentlemen do, though only strange people still do such things these days. Anyway it turned out that we went the same way at least halfway to the MRT station. She was holding a little sports bag so she may be on her way to a nearby gym.

But looking at her, I wonder how people who also work in office can have the energy to go workout in the gym, groom themselves and shop for such nice clothing. To have a job that pays well enough to afford all these in her youth and not have all her energy drained out by the job. That is amazing when I’m always feeling drained.

I keep telling myself that I just need to endure until the bonus comes in April, and then I will find a job that better suits me, paycut notwithstanding. It must be wonderful to be contented where you are working.



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2 responses to “Office workers

  1. Frants

    Hi, sorry I have no idea what your name is or what to call you. I just went through my midlife crisis, at 25. One thing I can tell you, you get energy from going to gym. It sound dumb, I know. But try it for just a month, maybe even in the mornings if you think you are gonna chicken out after work. Just do a cardio thing for 30 minutes 3 times a week. At first yes you will be even more tired, but after about two weeks you will start to feel better and maybe even great. Work sucks though. Here I am, not a qualified engineer yet. Why did I study engineering, cause its challenging they said, pays a lot of money they said. Yea right, I find it easy and the only challenging thing is not getting paid what your worth, but alas, is that not all our faits?

    A little something from Port Elizabeth, the friendly city here in corupt South Africa with uncontrolable crime levels. Other than that, its great.

  2. Hi Frants,
    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes I used to feel more energetic when I was still exercising regularly.

    A colleague explained it like this, “When every day is a struggle to meet the deadline, you will feel drained at the end of the day.” I suppose the nature of her work is different from mine and yours.

    I know what you mean by mid-life crisis at only 25. I was asking questions like “Is this what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life? Could I have chosen another career path? Can I still choose?” And I know I’m not the only one with such questions.

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