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This is supposed to be the year when the autobots defeated the decepticons in autobot city on earth, then went on to destroy the monster transformer unicron by releasing the power of the autobot leadership matrix.

Of course we know now that it did not happen this year. But come 2007, the transformers will have another shot at creating havoc on earth with their ongoing war. I can hardly wait for the live action movie to hit the big screen in July 2007. After LOTR, I finally have a movie that fills me with much anticipation.

I have written a short review on the Transformers Movie but I lost it when my account got deleted. Ha ha too bad. The opening one-liner will have to do.

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Is fast food really fast?

Fast food have simple menus – combo 1, 2 or 3?

but when they complicate things by asking if you want to upsize, or if you customise your orders by changing the coke to sprite and order just a burger, you slow things down. compare this to a chinese mixed vegetable rice stall where everything is already prepared, you just need to choose what you want and it gets piled on a plate of rice for you. you don’t even need to wait for them to prepare that burger that is not on their best seller list, and thus they do not have a pile of that burger already prepared.

eating it is not very fast also. kfc must be eaten sitting down, you can’t walk around and munch as you go. same as veg rice.

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