Hazy moon

How does one admire the lovely moon when there is a haze overhanging the island? Fortunately, my family has already done our share of moon-gazing last Sunday after dinner at my parents’ place. We drove to Kent Ridge Park to cut and eat mooncakes and admire the half moon. An interesting experience that could have happened only because WS has a car.

If anybody wants to do the “moon-admiration”, walking around with lanterns and eat mooncakes out in the open, they will have the smokey smell and cloudy vision for company. I thought the moon would be all hidden by the smoke and that there will be nothing at all to see, but surprisingly, I could see the full moon. It was blood red. Could be the haze or could be an ill omen. Fortunately, I don’t believe in omens, or I will be fearful of the economy sliding downhill next year or another terrorist attack, or both.

Visibility is quite bad really. It perpetually looks like it is going to rain, and the air is still and hot and the smoke clings to my sweaty body. I detest the by-product of the annual slash and burn from the neighbouring countries.


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