Free dinner

Here I am still in the office, blogging instead of going home. I was so hungry I just had to eat something for dinner before continuing with my work. Doesn’t help that a colleague was enjoying Mac in the next cubicle while I just found a new problem. Gotta eat.

So I have enough points on my EZLink card to redeem at least 3 Big Mac. I must have been eating quite a bit of McChicken when I need to rush off on Thursdays. Might as well redeem something instead of letting the points sit there wasted. And since I’m in office, might as well read blogs while wolfing down my dinner. And I have to blog after that since my laptop at home is still having problems posting to

I’m supposed to go home and do some running before I vegetate completely. But I’m still 2 weeks away from a mission trip and another 1 month after that away from my reservist, and I am already panicking that I will not be finishing all that I am supposed to be doing. I used to resent the time I need to spend doing my ICT when I have my work commitments. I used to really want to finish all my work and deliver my projects. What happened to all the passion? I need a new job. Must tahan until after reservist.


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