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Hazy moon

How does one admire the lovely moon when there is a haze overhanging the island? Fortunately, my family has already done our share of moon-gazing last Sunday after dinner at my parents’ place. We drove to Kent Ridge Park to cut and eat mooncakes and admire the half moon. An interesting experience that could have happened only because WS has a car.

If anybody wants to do the “moon-admiration”, walking around with lanterns and eat mooncakes out in the open, they will have the smokey smell and cloudy vision for company. I thought the moon would be all hidden by the smoke and that there will be nothing at all to see, but surprisingly, I could see the full moon. It was blood red. Could be the haze or could be an ill omen. Fortunately, I don’t believe in omens, or I will be fearful of the economy sliding downhill next year or another terrorist attack, or both.

Visibility is quite bad really. It perpetually looks like it is going to rain, and the air is still and hot and the smoke clings to my sweaty body. I detest the by-product of the annual slash and burn from the neighbouring countries.


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Mentos breath

A teacher friend told me that it is cruel to start the PSLE 3 days after Children’s Day. I had not thought of it that way until she said so. Exams had always been a source of stress for students, but the tuition students I’m teaching did not seem stressed over the PSLE. They are still as cheerful and noisy as ever. I doubt they felt the pressure on Children’s Day.

Last night was the last tuition session for this year, and we would not be seeing each other (most likely) until the start of next year, or a get-together party on the last week of this year. The 3 students got a tube of mentos each from me halfway through the lesson. It was meant to help them take their mind off the pressure and give them something enjoyable, but I guess they were not desperately in need of the stress reliever. Perhaps P6 is still a little young to be feeling the stress. Enjoy innocence while it lasts, guys!

I have had to bribe a student with mentos previously to keep his attention while he did the exercise and I marked and pointed out his mistakes. It became such that they always asked for mentos and I would dole out 1 or two for good work or good behaviour. Not that it was a very effective bribe, but it helped a bit. I mean, they can easily afford to buy mentos of their own, but I think they enjoyed cajoling me into giving them rewards.

They have almost finished the whole tube by the time we finished our lesson. The massive amounts of mentos they chewed released a fresh minty smell into the air. The funny thing is that they would take a deep breath at the count of 3 and breathe out their mentos breath and then laugh like crazy. It’s fun being 12 years old.

Despite my initial apprehension at having to teach and guide them when I first started tuition, I find myself looking forward to Thursday nights when I get to see them. Healthy, happy kids that are full of hope and not yet embittered by the demands of a meritocratic society.

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Free dinner

Here I am still in the office, blogging instead of going home. I was so hungry I just had to eat something for dinner before continuing with my work. Doesn’t help that a colleague was enjoying Mac in the next cubicle while I just found a new problem. Gotta eat.

So I have enough points on my EZLink card to redeem at least 3 Big Mac. I must have been eating quite a bit of McChicken when I need to rush off on Thursdays. Might as well redeem something instead of letting the points sit there wasted. And since I’m in office, might as well read blogs while wolfing down my dinner. And I have to blog after that since my laptop at home is still having problems posting to

I’m supposed to go home and do some running before I vegetate completely. But I’m still 2 weeks away from a mission trip and another 1 month after that away from my reservist, and I am already panicking that I will not be finishing all that I am supposed to be doing. I used to resent the time I need to spend doing my ICT when I have my work commitments. I used to really want to finish all my work and deliver my projects. What happened to all the passion? I need a new job. Must tahan until after reservist.

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