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Male Restroom Etiquette

This video starts with practical advice on what the social rules are and how calamity can result from disobeying these rules. Film making is now easy enough that all you need is a computer, a game or two and a lot of skill in directing a movie to create a low-cost film and tell a story. This one is made using The Sims 2 and Simcity 4.

update: Or you can just get a few actors to bring your point across.


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Tokyo Drift

My opinion of this B-grade movie disguised as a Hollywood blockbuster? Skip the first hour. There is not much to miss. The car chase through the streets of Tokyo after that was interesting. You usually see cars skid and slide and flip over during car chases in America. In Tokyo, they don’t just weave in and out of traffic either. They drift around slow-moving cars. Now that is a useful skill to learn!

The final race between the male lead in a homemade car and the baddie in an expensive sports car was boring. Not that the stunts were lousy but because I don’t feel for either of them. 2D characters that are so boring and lacking in depth. The male lead came across as an imbecile who just drives dangerously, not skilfully. He is mysteriously lucky enough to get training in a foreign land when his own people hate him. The baddies scowl unconvincing. The Janet Jackson-lookalike female lead looks totally out of place too. This is tokyo! Can’t they have gotten a cute Jap girl instead? I liked the characters in Initial D so much better.

The only person I feel for in this junk movie is the last competitor (Vin Diesel) and only because he has starred in better movies before. He should have appeared much earlier, not just make a cameo appearance at the end of the show.

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