Tying the flag

One of the things that are expected of a HDB resident is to display the national flag as a show of your patriotism. You are supposed to do this for a couple of months around the 9th of August, so that everybody can look up and see how united we are and how much we love our country. If you don’t take it down a few weeks after the event, you will be reminded to do so, too.

Having moved into my own apartment, I had to tie up the flag at the designated spot for the first time ever. Yeah. Some woman even knocked my door at 11+ on a Saturday night to ask me to help her put up the flag at my window. I suppose she has finished tying the flags at all the units along the corridor and needed our help to do so for the corner units that she has no access to. She is probably from the Residents’ Committee. She did not explain and I did not ask. Really, who else will bother to do such a thing?

Ours is a well-planned nation. 2 metal rings have been screwed into the wall, just under the window, before I got my keys to my apartment. I have seen how they did it years ago when they first started with the flag-hanging thing. Contractors will go around with an electric drill and a length of wood with 2 holes measured out, so that they can just use it as a template and drill 2 holes with the appropriate spacing. Idiot-proof.

I procrastinated for 2 days before deciding to do so last night. Nothing urgent that I had to do anyway. And it was something new. Now, to wait for her to come remind me to take it down in about a month’s time 😛

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