Lunar 7th month

The 7th month started with a lot of burning of “ghost money” to the deceased family members. The town council had to provide large metal drums as designated zones for residents to burn their offerings. One woman was scattering them onto the grass instead of burning them. I’m not sure why, never bothered to work out all the details of ancestral worship, which has many unexplainable variants anyway. What I do know for sure is that the foreign nationals who sweeps our housing estate will have to gather them up to be properly burnt the next morning. Will they be cursed as in the movie, the maid?

I’m not pantang, but I work under pantang bosses who bought some good luck charm to deflect their bout of bad luck after the disaster. While we cannot conclusively prove if it worked, they joked that the curse has been passed to other systems that subsequently hit severe problems of their own. A few years ago, the management tried to avoid big-scale implementations during the seventh month. They even made sure we did not move to a new office during that month. They stopped doing that these days. We have deadlines to be met, and to hold back work for a month would be unthinkable.

If the management of the NEL is just as pantang, they would be wondering why they were struck a day early. They could have made a better attempt to inform would-be passengers of that their trains were down instead of letting so many of us wait and wait and wait in the station. I was at HarbourFront and I did not hear any announcement about a technical breakdown, or that the train will move much slower than usual to Outram Park station. Perhaps they did not want their passengers to experiment with other modes of transport that can also get them home.


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