Nature Poison

I walked in on someone eating durian puffs in the office pantry this evening. I felt nauseous. I felt like fainting.

I messaged Sunshine and told her. She Hahahahahaha in my icq window. Yeah. I’m one of those Singaporeans who don’t eat durian. Things with such a strong flavour tend to generate strong responses in people. You either love it or hate it. I detest the very smell of it.

A haze descended on my mind and I had difficulty concentrating on the tasks at hand. I messaged her, “Stunned, Nature Poison” and that got another laughing icon. Oh yes, only a fellow WoW fan will know what I mean. When stunned, the character is unable to cast spells and will stop attacking. Nature poison reduces your health every second, and may eventually lead to death if the poison does not wear off before you do. That’s it. Unable to work any further.

Enough of this. Typing all these when I’m thus afflicted is making me dizzy. Time to leave and get some fresh air.


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