Childrens’ Week

Part of the charm of playing WoW is that there is a team of game developers who will periodically releasing new content to keep things fun for their players who have completed all the existing quests several times over already. Season quests will reflect real-life events, such as Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter and now, Childrens’ Week.

I had never heard of Children’s week, and was surprised when the lady at the Orphange in Stormwind City asked me to spend some time with an orphan, I thought I would give it a go. After all, a paladin is supposed to help the less fortunate.

First, the child asked for a tour of the haunted lighthouse at Westfall, the Stonewrought Dam at Loch Modan and the bank in Darnassus which is shaped like a bear and hollowed out of a tree. Easy so far since I had been to these places before and had the flight paths or know the boats that go there, just that I need to spend silver and time travelling. Well, the griffins don’t fly for free you know. I need to do some work (complete some minor quests and kill some mobs, sell some loot) to raise funds for this trip. I even took some photos of the bank (no it was not the river bank or beach as I thought, since Teldrassil is an island, but it is the vault where you store your stuff that you don’t need immediately.)

Then the child asked for an autograph from his hero, Jaina Proudmoore. We had to sail across the world twice for this. Finally, some ice cream that is now sold in the city. This kid knows his sweets well. Hearth back to Stormwind, but where is the vendor? I had to ask on the general channel. Never knew that ice-cream could restore so much of my health!

And finally, return him to the orphanage. Is there really a Children’s Week? There is no material reward for this quest, and I had to raise my own funds to travel. Experience points gained from completing the quests are just a token amount, hardly worth the trouble. But it feels good reading the child’s response to my having completed the quests. That was fun. I can do these only because I’m a monster-slaying quester in WoW. In real life, I can only do small things like giving tuition, and hope I have been a positive influence on their lives.


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