Lottery dreams?


I got this cartoon from Sunshine and my response was, "So cats are smarter than dogs right?"

Anyway, the climate in my company has changed since the last economic downturn where they had to retrench. The management has woken up to the idea that loyalty to a company is a thing of the past, especially when the company has no loyalty towards you. This does not bother me, it is one reality of life I have long since accepted. What does bother me is that I recall being told that the COO also buys lottery tickets in the hope of winning the top prize and getting a windfall, so he can retire and need not do his job anymore.

My first thought then was that such a hope is very wide-spread among the lower ranks who slog to climb up the ranks and be relieved of the daily drudgery of our work, but realise that they are not on the fast track to executive stardom. Thus they "buy a hope" twice a week as a ticket out of this rat race that they know they will not win. That the top man is doing this, might be an indication that he is in sync with the concerns of his staff, that he understands them and is not too aloof. So I thought. But if he himself is wishing for a way out of this race he has helped to create, it bothers me. The people who has set such high standards and stressed out his people wants no part of the thing he has helped to create. If I'm going to war, I would be bothered if my commanding officer has an escape route planned and is going to flee at the first chance.

But such is the reality of life, I have been told. We can no longer expect bosses who are so passionate about their jobs. Competition is a very real thing and a comfortable pace is no longer possible. Yes, I know it is reality, but reality bothers me with its injustice.


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