Headache. Migraine?

Just finished a user demo in the morning, futile lunch-time discussion with a boss on how to improve things at work, cleared some work and updated a document (again) so we can send to user for review by this week, and now the headache is giving me an impulse to puke. I can feel my stomach churning.

My boss has a problem. I have a solution, but he doesn't want it. He wants to bring up the issue to his bosses and let them fight it out. The smarter way is to solve the problem without involving the mammoths. Some of us have been asking for the role of the tech lead to be added to the project teams, to recognise that not everyone is able to play a functional and technical role equally well. We are heard, but squashed from higher levels.

The right person with foresight will foresee problems and find ways to overcome them before the shit hits the fan and the schedule is delayed. The wrong person will blunder on and not see the problem, and later blame others for not telling them about the problem. Blame the structure, blame the work process, find ways to improve the work process, hit new problems, find something new to blame. Or you can foresee and take action before the problem hits. But your bosses will not know how much shit you have blocked off. Smart bosses will use people with foresight. But bosses are only human, and prefer people who make them feel good. Such as people who will stick with the bosses and collectively blame others. Blame anyone, as long as it is not the boss, so that the boss feels good.

I'm in a foul mood these days because I am once again reminded of the dysfunctional way we do things around here. There are 2 distinct groups of people: those who like to solve problems and those who like to claim credit. And they think very differently


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