WoW sucks up my life

Ever since we started playing World of Warcraft, our lingo has changed. Instead of mixing orange squash to drink, we conjure orange. We cast fireballs when we see moths flying around the house. We wish we could hearthstone back home after a tiring day outside.

Ever since we started playing, our habits have changed. Our nights are mostly spent in the game completing quests and running Deadmines, sometime visiting Stormwind to train new skills and occasionally buy stuff. The TV and SCV have been neglected. I blog a lot less. I have stopped reading books and newspapers at home, the hard copied, I mean. I still read soft copied online sometimes.

We can now tell the experienced players who have completed these quests before (they seem to know where all the things are) from those noobs who are more lost than us. Level 60 players can effortlessly finish killing all mobs around them, like a martial arts expert we see in period dramas, while struggle to deal with 2 or 3. Then there are those who are at our levels, who have grouped up with us to complete a tough quest, only to realise that we cannot complete the quest at our current levels and so they volunteer to switch to their level 60 characters and come back in to help us.

Life is a bit more nomal on Tuesday nights when the servers are down for servicing and updates. Sometimes we ban ourselves when we have spent too many late nights in front of the screen killing elite mobs, or we try to ban ourselves, only to find ourselves logged on and playing yet again.

Blizzard has created yet another very good game that keeps players coming back again and again.


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