You must sleep with your girlfriend!

Sometimes concerned bosses helps you find excuses.

At a meeting, one of the bosses entertained us with his story of how he spent $1500 in a single night to have his snoring problem diagnosed. He slept in a room with many medical instruments plugged into him. It was found that his snoring could cause his breathing to be affected, and that his brain could be damaged if his breathing stopped and his oxygen intake was cut off for too long. Surgery to correct his air passage is recommended.

The rest of us were naturally concerned about our own brains being damaged if we have this snoring problem. Almost all of us at the table were married, and could depend on our wives to tell us if we do have a snoring problem, all except one of the executives. His boss looked at him and told him that he should sleep with his girlfriend, so that someone can tell him if he snores.

Well, that should be a very original excuse to sleep with one’s girlfriend! But don’t take the boss’s word for it. He only said sleep with your girlfriend, he didn’t say to do anything.


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