Servant of Razelikh

In the online game the World of Warcraft, the players can choose to play the Alliance (the good guys, the light) or the Horde (the evil ones). Whenever players from one side enter the territory of the other, there will be an alert that the particular area is under attack. The invader may be challenged by players from the other side, and can be defeated if attacked by multiple enemies. Thus I have not seen “Stormwind is under attack!” because it is one of the home cities of the Alliance and is always filled with players. The horde enters at its peril.

It is very surprising when I find a swarm of players in the Trade District attacking a single enemy, and amazingly, it is not dying! See the screenshots.

WoWScrnShot_021806_170522.jpg WoWScrnShot_021806_181444.jpg WoWScrnShot_021806_181656.jpg

This guy is cursed with up to 10 different negative bonuses and attacked by 20 players, some at the maximum level 60, and still would not die. Apparently, it is a mob (a game character, a computer-controlled enemy) and not a player. As part of a quest, this enemy will not die until the quest is completed and somehow it was sucked in from the Blasted Lands. I had to go quite far away before I was considered out of combat and was allowed to log off.


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