WordPress is being put to good use on a volunteer site. Singapore Redcross has a volunteer portal that also runs, a news portal for the Blood Bank to inform its pool of volunteers about its mobile blood drives.

It has a nice dashboard which lets us see the stock levels of the 4 main blood groups. At least I can see that they are not lacking in my blood type, and perhaps I should keep it for a time when they are running low. Dashboards are a simple and efficient way of letting someone have a feel of the situation by translating numbers into meaning. It is not part of wordpress, of course, and neither is the pledge page, but it would not be hard to use the theme editor of wordpress to add a new page and edit the php codes to pull some info from a database. WordPress serves well as a blog software, being easy to setup, use and looks pretty. Privacy is hardly an issue on such public announcement boards.

It is not hard to set up a forum for its more web-savvy donors to share their blood donation experiences with others who may be new or contemplating whether or not to give blood. Such are the benefits of mature open-source software! The barriers to entry are very low and many interested volunteers can pick them up and put them to good use. It is usually harder to keep churning out content that will attract eyeballs to return, and to build up a community that reaches a critical mass able to generate content to sustain itself.

Hmm.. I still haven’t found any information on the medical benefits scheme that I’m supposed to be entitled to as a blood donor. They seem to have discontinued this scheme, but I was supposed to be entitled to jumping some queues when hospitalised. Perhaps this privilege caused too much trouble at some places? The next time I go, I should make it a point to ask if the scheme is still in force.


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