Fearless is Jet Li‘s final martial arts epic, so he says, and so fans like me must not miss it. It is a feast for the eyes, as his fighting scenes usually are, but still pales in comparison with his Once Upon A Time in China series.

One of the things that sets him apart from other Kung Fu stars is the way he brings the character to life as a righteous and fearless hero. Oh, a handsome one too, despite his lack of height. The other is the way he executes his fighting scenes, the sheer beauty of his strokes. Yes, I know they were choreographed, but he still looks really good doing those poses.

Call me shallow, but I watch his shows for his fighting scenes, even though he makes them to promote his kung fu ideals. To have most of the fighting scenes showing his earlier vicious and cruel styles, is disappointing. He would often maim his opponents for a quick and decisive victory. The high points would be his fights with the foreigners who are bigger sized than him, and yet he disarmed them with an effortless grace, without killing and maiming them. A pity these are so few and far between.

The review on IMDB tells of the original 2 hour 30min show being cut into less than 2 hours. Apparently there are many more worthwhile scenes that never made it to the big screen. It was a good show, but it does not have the magical feel that the righteous and undefeatable Huang Feihong has. Jet Li would still be better off making such kung fu flicks than being a dog in Hollywood.


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