Civil servants have too much time

To spend the time doing something other than swatting flies, they come up with many forms that you need to fill in to update their records, which will in turn generate more data-entry jobs. One wonders if the data is actually useful at all.

My department clerk handed me a form, saying that HR requires me to fill in my spouse details. What on earth? Who told them that I got married? Not me! And why do they need details such as my wife’s religion, conversion date? Scared she become terrorist is it? And is there a need to know the subjects she took in primary school and the grades she got? Scared not compatible is it?

My company used to be statutory board, and many HR practices remain unchanged over the years, even after we privatised. We hardly need the same level of disclosure that high-ranking civil servants who draw up policies will need. My software systems will likely not be around in another 5 years time.

Such a waste of employee time and effort. It is not like they are going to increase my pay because I have heavier financial responsibilities after getting married and buying a house. I remember that when I first joined this company, I was told that I need to declare to them when I buy property. Well, since they were informed (by ROM?) of my change in marital status, I suppose HDB will inform them as well and they will soon require me to declare the worth of my apartment. All for the sake of complying to some antiquated HR policy. Will they know if I underdeclare or pull figures from the air? If they do, I can accuse them of wasting my time since they already know.

There was this interview at another quasi-government IT company, where I had to fill in such details before they would interview me. They did not take me in, so I wasted minutes of my time for nothing. They should require me to fill in only after they accepted me, surely. Such places waste time and sap productivity. I think I should just avoid such companies as a rule, for health reasons.


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