Has it been 5 weeks since I started serving at FaithActs as a volunteer tutor? How time flies! There are now 5 records filled in for my students, one for each week that they come for low-cost tuition. These records help replacement tutors know what the students had been learning all this while, should the designated tutors fail to make it for some reason. They also help me keep track of how long it has been since I started.

These kids amaze me at the amount of nonsense they can get up to, at how much life and energy they have in them. Well, most kids anyway. There are just a few who look sickly and scared and who keep very quiet. There are also those who are overly energetic, running around shouting and banging tables at every opportunity. Is aggression linked to the amount of energy you have at your disposal?

I have a half-Japanese boy and a pure Chinese boy assigned to me. I guess my dismal performance at the Christmas games convinced the social workers to assign easier students to me. The Jap is pretty smart and bookish, but careless in his Maths (so was I) and the Chinese is called a “model tuition student” because he is keen to learn and is well-behaved. And I did not realise how weak he is in his English and Maths until the Jap did not turn up today, and I had the chance to go one-on-one with him. Yes he definitely needs help.

FaithActs is run by social workers, aided by a church and relies heavily on volunteers to help out. These volunteers are mostly Christians who desire to serve the community, but there are some undergrads who are Chinese nationals, serving out of the kindness of their heart. It is interesting to see what happens when faith goes into action, doing practical things to help people.


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