Kopicat rides again

Went cycling after work, something I have wanted to do for months, and which I finally got around to doing. Am I glad I did! I feel more alive than I had in ages!

I cycled from Tiong Bahru to Zion Riverside to buy some hawker food for dinner, then explored the surrounding area on my 2 wheels. Time to buy dinner for my Sunshine. Turns out she wants dumplings, and there is a stall in Chinatown that we enjoy. The distance is shorter than I remember, at least while I’m on wheels. The place is not crowded at this time, apparently the place loses it charm right after CNY. Not expecting to cycle so far, I was wearing a very skimpy singlet and so I self-consciously chose a deserted path. I made it home with the dumpling still warm for Sunshine’s dinner.

Aerobic exercises have a way of shaking off the cobwebs that have been growing all over me during my phases of inactivity. Cycling lets me explore a place at a speed that is faster than a snail’s crawl, and is close enough to feel the road. It doubles the pleasure of exercising. There is a kind of freedom that only cycling can give me.Kopicat rides again. Kopicat writes again!


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