Lack of control over genetic engineering

Genetic engineering gives some people the creeps, with unknown side effects from these mutants. Now we also have to deal with mutant crops spreading the modified genes into where you thought it was safe.

CNN ran an article on how a government department in USA has been neglecting their duty.

Still, many scientists worry that biotechnology crops will inadvertently cross-pollinate with conventionally grown crops. That poses a particular problem for organic farmers who charge a premium to guarantee customers their groceries are free of genetic engineering.

The audit did not find any environmental harm but said the USDA’s inadequate safeguards “increase the risk that genetically engineered organisms will inadvertently persist in the environment before they are deemed safe to grow without regulation.”

A logical next question will be: Are there mutant animals running around as well? Resident Evil is a bit extreme, but what about animals bred to produce drugs in their milk? Will you be taking in more than is good for you when you drink milk that comes from a supposedly unmodified farm animal that accidentally crossed with a mutant?


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