Hello Sunshine

Today's Straits Times ran a short article on how Singaporeans took advantage of yesterday's sunshine to wash and dry their clothes, after a week of rain and gloom. I washed the floor mats and hung them out to dry as well.

My own personal sunshine was down as well, vomiting hourly on Thursday night, went to Raffles Hospital at 4AM on Friday morning, and spent most of Friday on the bed sleeping, unable to take more than a couple of swallows of honey and salt water, panadol and the medicine that the doctor gave. She's much better now, able to talk nonsense with me, but still weak after 2 days of not eating anything.

My mum teased me that I finally know that it is not easy to take care of someone who is ill. Of course I know, just that I never had to really do all these before. Just the last weekend, we had bought honey and milo, and salt the weekend before. It was as though all these were in preparation for her pending illness, though of course we did not know it then.

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