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King Kong – a love story

Peter Jackson is an amazing film director. After resounding success at the 3 Lord Of The Ring films, he goes on to remake a Hollywood classic, King Kong, and tells the story so movingly that you cannot help but feel for the characters.

I learnt a few things from watching this :

1) A gorilla can show more facial expression that a live human actor (usually from Hong Kong or Singapore), especially when the ape is born of computer graphics.

2) Natives of some lost island can be truly scary when they surround you and show you the numerous piercings in their face and go into trances.

3) Bugs can be truly disgusting when they are as big as dogs and swarm all over you.

King Kong is a love story, kind of:

Boy meets girl

Boy takes girl away

Girl charms boy, boy falls in love with girl

Girl escapes from boy and gets into danger

Boy saves girl from danger, shows his supremacy

Girl falls in love with boy

Boy and girl are forcibly separated

For the rest of the plot, watch the movie yourself, it is well worth the 3 hours. Oh, and watch it on the big screen. Kong is huge.

Yeah it’s a love story, never mind that the boy is 5 times the height of the girl, very much hairier and they understand only 1 English word between them. This makes me want to try watching the original Kong in black and white…

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