Circle MRT Line on wikipedia

I had a short while to kill tonight and decided to head for wikipedia to see what interesting nuggets of information I will come across tonight. Clicking on the list of recent changes, the Circle MRT Line caught my eye. Our train system is on the world-wide encyclopedia written by volunteers!

Some Singaporeans had been hard at work putting up a whole series of writeups on the MRT lines. See the whole list of stations listed below, with maps, sequence of stations and even photos for some existing stations that will be integrated into the Circle Line as interchange stations. See the Dhoby Ghaut station for example, being an existing station, and a huge one at that, these volunteers have even dug out useful trivia such as this station being the deepest, with a bomb shelter, and that retail space will be added within the station. I think these guys are doing a much better job at providing information than the NEL is doing. By the way, you can head over to the article on the NEL and read about Buangkok MRT station which the company refused to open. You can even read about the White Elephant incident, which made its way into the wikipedia’s explanation of what “White Elephant” means. How embarrassing!
Wikipedia is a rich source of information if you ever need to host a trivial pursuit game.


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