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Ear Wax

My ears are full of wax, not having cleared them for some time now. My excuse for having so much wax? “Oh I hear bullshit all the time, especially in office. You know why this ear has more? Coz that is facing outside of my cubicle and more bullshit comes from that direction.”

In Hokkien, ear wax is also known as ear shit, or having shit in your ears.

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BioWillie exhaust smells like french fries

Alternative fuels are slow to take off. While we have a few natural gas buses and I think hybrid hydrogen-electric cars in Singapore, biodiesel is making headway in US. See this article on New York Times.

If BioWillie demonstrates anything, it is that the combination of Middle East wars, global warming and rising prices at the pump has led many people to offer solutions to the world’s energy’s squeeze. Depending on whom you ask, cars will someday run on hydrogen, electricity, natural gas or ethanol. 

But there will always be problems while the technology is not yet mature

Daniel Becker, the Sierra Club’s top global warming expert, said he would prefer to see wider use of a cleaner alternative fuel, like natural gas.

Referring to biodiesel, he said, “In order to grow soybeans, you need multiple passes over the field with diesel tractors, you need a lot of fertilizer that’s energy intensive to produce and, at the end of the day, you have a product that is no boon for the environment.”

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