That’s life

I got this in an email.

This is cute, but I asked the sender if life is worth living, if this is all there is to life. Some would have committed suicide if this is all there is to life. There are other things that keep you wanting to be alive: family, friends, goals, principles, favourite activities, etc.

For work to be all that there is to life, it must be work that you truly enjoy. There are some people who are blessed with jobs that excite and satisfy them. I want to be one of them. Work can be a tyrant with its demands on our time and energy. Work must be managed. Or even better, I need a new job that I truly enjoy, not one that just pays the bills. It will help if I can continue to draw the same pay doing what I enjoy more.

But really, if I don’t make an effort to move out of where I am now, it will get harder and harder to do so as time passes, until I am categoried as those who “beat until die also refuse to leave”.


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