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Magstar Asia

My very talented friend, Terence, made very special Christmas cards for us. These are “hand-made” cards which he styled after air tickets so that they will be meaningful for us.

The details that he has put in are fantastic, and all of us declared that he is probably fully able to counterfeit dollar notes and pass them off as the real stuff. Not that he would have the inclination to do so. How did he do it? Is the secret in his Epson colour laser printer? Is it his Adobe Illustrator? We doubt so. Give us the same printer and software and we would not be able to do this in a year. These are tools in his hands, but mere toys in ours.

Considering that he created the cards for us during a Christmas season when he is very much busier than usual, and considering how he kept telling us he made the cards for us because it is easier than buying presents for us, it has to be his skills. Easier? The rest of us would find it easier to buy them off the shelf. This is a way to tell those who are talented and skilled apart from the rest of us who are not.

Terence is finally able to make a living teaching designing, which he enjoys. He is someone who is finally able to live off what he love to do, and is really good at the thing he enjoys doing too. It takes guts to step out of a comfortable and stable job to do something different that you really wanted to do. It takes some talent and plenty of hard work (or lots of talent and some hard work) to develop the skill so as to earn a living. But it sure is more meaningful!

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