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tooth extraction

My sunshine got one of her wisdom tooth extracted today. After 2 days of slight pain. On a public holiday, after 2 days of not really knowing where to find a 24hr dentist, and not really bothering to because it was only a slight pain. Well, the important thing is that she got it out, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

This is the first time I am witnessing a dental operation, where the gum is cut open (I think), the tooth broken up and removed, and finally the gum stitched up. The blood coming out of her mouth was a bit unnerving for me. Fortunately, she herself could not see it. I would be less worried if the operation was done on somebody else.

The doctor was a serious chap of few words. It helps a lot to have a dentist you trust, perhaps recommended by someone you trust, or at least the dentist must be someone who could make you feel comfortable. Which explains how a friend of mine could survive in his upmarket clinic in the business district while he is still a fresh grad. He could talk, he could say silly things that put people at ease. And his skill with the anesthetic was pretty good, to the point that I barely felt it on the receiving end.

Lesson learnt: In the service line, it really helps to be able to communicate with and reassure people. Your skills can be secondary, comforting them comes first.

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